addicted spouseIt does not matter whether the addiction is to alcohol, prescription drugs, or even illegal drugs. An addiction is an addiction and it affects everyone in a relationship with the addict.  Addictions become the number one priority of the addict’s life.  That is the nature of an addiction – it controls everything!

How do you know if the person you are married to is an addict?  How many drinks are too much?  Is it that big of a deal that they like to party?  Work can be very stressful and after all – most people are drinking right?

alcoholic man at table looking whiskey glass thinking in alcohol addiction and alcoholism concept

  1. Am I the one that is constantly making sacrifices in my marriage?
  2. Do I make excuses for my spouse’s addiction?
  3. Do I help my spouse hide the addiction from others because it is embarrassing or may cause trouble?
  4. When I ask my spouse to get help for the addiction does it cause a fight?
  5. Does my spouse deny the problem or always have a reason to delay getting help?
  6. Does my spouse blame me for his/her behavior?
  7. When you mention the addictive behavior does your spouse then try to turn it on you and point out a multitude of things you do wrong?

If any of the above are true then it may be time for you to get a divorce.  But wait – should you divorce your spouse in their time of need?  Would it be wrong to not stand by them and help them get better?  What about the marriage vows to love each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and health???

Is your spouse trying to stop the addiction?  I mean, are they really trying?  If they are not ready to give up the addiction then staying around does not help.  In fact, staying around and continuing to take care of everything enables them to continue the addiction.  Addicts do not need a caretaker.  They need rehabilitation.  If they are not willing to go to rehabilitation and follow the program then you need to get away from them.  You cannot make them stop damaging themselves, but you can definitely separate from them to keep more damage from happening to you.

If you are ready to stop the damage to you, your family and your finances contact our experienced divorce lawyers to help you get started today.