Protecting Custody Rights for Father Lawyers in Dallas

Custody rights for fathers in Dallas have evolved throughout the past few decades. The courts tend to assume that it is in a child’s best interest to have equal access to both parents. This means that more and more, fathers’ rights are getting recognition both in and out of the courtroom.

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How Your Child’s Best Interests Affect Your Parenting Rights

Texas Family Code calls for taking actions that are in a child’s best interests. This applies to matters of child custody, visitation and child support. In most cases – barring instances of child abuse or neglect – the courts opt for joint managing conservatorship (otherwise known as joint custody).

A joint custody arrangement gives you – the father – an equal say in matters that are related to your child’s well-being. Joint custody does not, however, mean that you and the other managing conservator (parent) will have equal time with your child. Creating an agreed-upon parenting plan can help you to outline the terms of custody and support that are in your child’s best interests

A fathers’ custody rights attorney from The Texas Divorce Lawyer can talk to you about creating a parenting plan. Our attorneys work diligently to protect our clients’ interests. We understand how to preserve custody rights for fathers in Dallas custody cases.

Understanding Your Rights as a Father in Texas

In most cases, the aforementioned parenting plan will establish a schedule for visitation and child support. It also will outline the terms of custody, including where the child will reside. In a joint managing conservatorship, it may be that one parent – the mother or father – has access to the child a majority of the time. Even then, the other parent retains full parenting rights.

Some of the custody rights for fathers in Dallas include:

  • A right to make decisions about your child’s education;
  • A right to talk to your child’s educators and other school officials;
  • A right to make decisions about recreational activities and to attend school and sporting events in support of your child;
  • A right to equal say in your child’s healthcare (including talking to dentists, psychologists and physicians); and
  • A right to weigh in on matters like religious upbringing and other factors relevant to your child’s moral character.

A fathers’ custody rights attorney from The Texas Divorce Lawyer can talk to you about how best to preserve these rights while also taking your child’s best interests into account.

Protecting Custody Rights for Fathers in Dallas and Beyond

Our attorneys have experience helping clients from all walks of life find healthy and fair solutions to child custody disputes in Texas. We have helped men and women alike fight for fair child custody and support arrangements. We are prepared to help, whether yours is a complicated case involving disputed paternity and other extenuating circumstances, or you simply wish to settle the matter as quickly and peacefully as possible.

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