Joint Custody

The Dallas joint custody attorney team at The Texas Divorce Lawyer has a firm understanding of how the Texas Family Code and the courts view the matter of child custody. First and foremost, the court will seek a post-divorce situation that is in the best interests of the child. In many cases, this means shared or joint custody (or joint conservatorship, as it is called).

A lawyer from The Texas Divorce Lawyer can talk to you about the parameters of joint conservatorship in Texas and what it will mean for you and your child. Call us now at 214-265-7630 to schedule your initial consultation and discuss your case with one of our family lawyers.

Your Child Custody Options in Texas

The two basic forms of custody/conservatorship in Texas are sole managing conservatorship (sole custody) or joint managing conservatorship (shared or joint custody). In most cases, the Texas courts prefer joint managing conservatorship.

The courts tend to believe a child fares best when divorced or separated parents share the rights and responsibilities of being a parent. Sole custody typically is only awarded in cases of child abuse or neglect. Our legal team can discuss with you any special concerns you have about sole or joint custody.

How Joint Custody Will Affect Your Time with Your Child

Joint custody gives each parent equal input in major decisions affecting the child’s welfare. This includes matters like education, living arrangements and medical care. Joint custody doesn’t, however, mean that each parent will have equal time with the child. If you are concerned about securing fair and adequate time with your child after a divorce, speak with a Dallas joint custody attorney from The Texas Divorce Lawyer about how best to protect your rights.

Protecting Yourself with the All-Important Parenting Plan

The Texas Family Code provides for the creation of a parenting plan. Ideally, parents work together – often with the help of a Dallas shared custody lawyer – to draw up a document that outlines visitation schedules and the terms of joint conservatorship.

The court has final say over whether or not the parenting plan is acceptable and enforceable. As with all decisions, the court will consider if the parenting plan is in the best interests of the child. Working with our firm during this process helps to protect your parental rights. It also improves your chances for creating a document that will be recognized by the court.

Special Factors to Consider with Joint Custody

While joint custody is the most commonly preferred option in Texas, there are special considerations with this custody arrangement. Some of the questions that will need to be addressed include:

  • Where will the child live most of the time?
  • How often will each parent get to see the child?
  • Who gets to have the child on holidays and during summer vacation?
  • How will you make decisions on religious upbringing, education and recreational activities?

A Dallas shared custody lawyer from The Texas Divorce Lawyer can help you to assess all of these factors and any others that are specific to your case.

Taking a Step to Protect Your Child’s Future

Understanding your post-divorce rights and responsibilities – as well as the inner workings of child custody in Texas – puts you in a strong position to face the future. Learn more about the process by filling out our online contact form or by calling (214) 290-8001 to speak with a Dallas Joint Custody Lawyer.