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The question is, what’s the best way to do this? There may not be a one-size solution to the question.Peter Gore

The collaborative divorce attorney team at The Texas Divorce Lawyer recognizes there’s no “one-size” solution to divorce and other family law issues. That’s why our services include the option of collaborative law. But what exactly is collaborative law and is it right for you? We’d love the opportunity to explain – simply call our office at 214-265-7630 to schedule a confidential case evaluation. After learning about your situation we can tell you if this out-of-court solution is right for you.

Otherwise, please read on for general overview.

A Quick Look at Collaborative Law and What it Means for You

Collaborative law allows parties to have a say in restructuring their families in the least disruptive way possible. Additionally, it preserves economic resources and time.

The Texas Divorce Lawyer also provides you and your family with a level of privacy that’s not afforded in a court case. Finally, most parties discover that collaborative law minimizes the conflict involved in a divorce or other family law processes.

What is the collaborative law process? Understanding Your Options

During the collaborative law process, you will work with a team of professionals that may include:

  • counselors;
  • parenting specialists; and
  • financial planners.

These parties are there to assist in resolving your case. Because these professionals are coming at the situation as neutral third parties, they’re able to process things in an efficient, businesslike manner. Their focus is on finding fair resolutions for all of the parties involved.

It’s important to know that the collaborative law process gives you a say in how your divorce issues are resolved. As a seasoned collaborative divorce attorney from The Texas Divorce Lawyer will tell you: The resolutions can be as creative as you and your family want them to be.

Advantages of Choosing Collaborative Law

There are a few distinct advantages to choosing collaborative law in resolving a divorce and related concerns. In addition to the cost and time-saving measures, collaborative divorce tends to lessen the adversarial nature of a divorce. Our firm has found that the parties involved in collaborative divorce situation tend to demonstrate a certain level of respect for one another.

Collaborative law also is a popular approach for parents who wish to shield children from the legal battles often associated with traditional divorce. This court-free approach can minimize conflict, allowing you both to focus on putting your children’s needs first.

Teamwork is an overriding theme in collaborative law. Spouses work together to forge solutions that are fair, balanced, and healthy for everyone involved. There is no effort to dominate the other person or win at all costs: This is a group effort to find reasonable and positive solutions.

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The attorneys at The Texas Divorce Lawyer recognize that there are emotional and legal issues involved in divorce. We will guide you through the collaborative law process in an effort to answer each and every question, from “What is collaborative law” to “How can I protect my children from conflict?”

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