When women fear for their safety or the safety of their children, one option is to seek help at women’s shelters in Dallas. These facilities are secure locations that can provide temporary housing and assistance to female victims of domestic violence.

Many women’s shelters in the Dallas area provide additional services such as counseling, daycare, and housing assistance. The following is a list of women’s shelters operating in the area. Note that some shelters do not disclose their location to the public in order to ensure the security of their residents.

Dallas Women’s Shelters

River of Life Homes, Inc.

(no public address), Dallas, TX 75238


River of Life Homes provide emergency shelter for up to three months for women and their children in life-threatening situations. It also provides transitional housing for women who need more time to find new residency or complete job training and has resources for counseling, parenting skills, vocational education, and life skills.

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

4411 Lemmon Ave, Suite 201, Dallas, TX 75219

214-946-HELP (4357)

The Genesis shelter offers both emergency shelter and transitional housing. While at the shelter, residents can take part in individual or group therapy, parenting classes, and acquire legal services. For children, there is the children’s play theater, teen counseling, and the Genesis School, which provides safe K-12 primary education.

The Family Place

(no public address) PO Box 7999, Dallas, TX 75209


The Family Place offers emergency shelter and transitional housing, as well as supervised visitation to help families work out their problems. Counseling is available for mothers and children and there are special programs for legal help, incest recovery, and child development.

If You Are in an Abusive Relationship, Do Not Wait To Seek Help

One in three women has been victims of some type of physical violence coming from their intimate partner over the course of their lifetime, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Sadly, it is not an uncommon situation, and there should be no fear of stigma for seeking help to end an abusive relationship.

Remember that abuse can be both physical and mental, so even if your partner has never physically harmed you, if he constantly berates and degrades you, it is also an abusive situation. Domestic violence shelters like those listed above can provide you with the safety and resources to get to a better place in life and make a fresh start without fear of harm.

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