When parents divorce, they have to make a determination about who will have custody of the child. Parents must create a parenting plan together that details with whom the child will live and visit and more – the court will then adapt (if necessary) and finalize the parenting plan and order both parents to follow it. One thing that can greatly affect a court’s decision during a child custody, called “conservatorship” in Texas, hearing is the mental illness or mental health of both parents.

How Courts Make Child Custody/Conservatorship Determinations in Texas 

Courts in Texas are required to make a conservatorship determination based on the best interests of the child. Furthermore, a court will make its determination keeping the following factors in mind.

  • The importance of maintaining a relationship between a child and a parent who has shown the ability to act within the child’s best interests
  • Which parent is able to provide a safe, nonviolent, and stable environment for the child

How Mental Illness Can Affect a Conservatorship Determination 

In some cases, mental health may prevent a parent from acting in the best interests in the child. A parent who has severe depression, for example, may not be able to provide for a child in a manner that a non-depressed parent would. Or, a parent who suffers from schizophrenia could potentially create a dangerous environment for a child.

However, that is not to say that a court will not grant a parent who has a mental illness custody of his child; rather, it is to imply that it is important that the mental illness be under control (with therapy or medication) to ensure that the best interests of the child are protected. If a court has reason to believe that the child’s best interests will not be protected due to the mental illness, then the court can absolutely make a child custody determination based on this belief.

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