No matter how amicable your divorce, you are likely to find this one of the most stressful and confusing times of your life. You may find comfort in the fact that everybody else who is getting divorced is experiencing the same feelings as you.

That means getting together with other people who are currently going through this same life-changing event. You can discuss things with them like, how do I tell my family about my Dallas divorce? Divorce support groups are all over Dallas. Let’s look at how you can find some support groups for divorce.

How to Find a Divorce Support Group 

Ask a divorce lawyer in Dallas for referrals. Divorce attorneys often have access to resources that can help guide you in the right direction. You can also contact your local community center, or even your local YMCA to ask if they have support resources.

Look online for a divorce support group in your area. If you are a churchgoer, ask your pastor for information about support groups in your community. Often, religious organizations run support groups in their own facilities. If you’re currently undergoing therapy after the divorce, ask your therapist to refer you to a support group. You can find divorce help at one of the place listed below.

Starting Over 

This is a weekly meetup group that gets together at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church. They accept and welcomes people from all denominations and faiths. Facilitators lead the meetings for people who are in the process of divorce, or already divorced.

Life 101

This support group targets both men and women going through a divorce, and meetings are overseen by a licensed professional counselor. Meetings typically are held at the counselor’s office, and focus on getting through the divorce with support in a group setting.

Divorce Care 

This group is a nationwide organization that helps you connect with church-based support groups in Dallas, and other areas around the country. Simply enter “Dallas/Texas” or your postal code in the search bar to find a list of local locations that meet regularly for support.

For help filing for divorce, claiming child support payments, and determining child custody matters, speak with a family lawyer in Dallas. Call 214-265-7630 to speak with attorney Julie Johnson, or fill out the contact form and schedule an appointment.