“Robin was attentive, prompt, helpful, and down-to-earth. It was easy to talk to her and she always explained things in language that I could understand. During the process of my divorce, her predictions about what was likely to happen next were spot-on. She was friendly but professional at all times. Robin was a study in poise and calm, which was a great contrast to my ex-wife’s blustering, officious lawyer. If I need an attorney again, she will be the person I call.”


Robin Zegen did a wonderful job. Going through a divorce is very taxing and she did everything within her power to expedite the process and gave me realistic, down to earth advice as well. I couldn’t be happier with her!

Kimberly Stovall, Esq.

“Julie is one of the smartest attorney’s that I have the pleasure of knowing. She is first-class and knows her stuff. She is also very good at mediating tough cases that I thought would never settle. She has my highest recommendation as an attorney and a mediator.”


“Robin assisted me with a contested divorce a couple of years ago. After a few consultations with other local attorneys. I decided to retain her services immediately after our initial consultation. I felt like the others were trying to “sell” me on what they wanted and they were too busy to listen to my goals and requirements. The statement that stood out from Robin was that her primary goal was to successfully represent my interests in a manner that would be fair, minimize my costs and bring the case to closure as quickly and painlessly as possible. She lived up to all of that and more. Her fees were very reasonable, she and her assistant were VERY responsive, I received detailed billing statements and my divorce case was resolved very quickly, especially considering the contested nature of the case. We were even able to reach a last minute agreement that avoided bringing the case to trial.”


“Robin did an outstanding job representing me. She is careful to examine all the facts, presents all information in a professional manor to the court as well as to the client. Robin gets into and understands the details of the case and is knowledgeable on how they apply to law beyond any other lawyer I have worked with. All along the journey with Robin I was well informed on what was going on as well as in the loop with where we are and going in this process. For me the way to rate any action is did the job get done well and in a timely and cost efficient manor. The answer is yes I would personally recommend Robin’s service to anyone in need. She is a real breath of fresh air!”

L. Anderson

“Robin Rubrecht Zegan is a great family law attorney. She is intelligent and very aggressive. She handle my case with professionalism. I was very impressed with her work. Her staff is awesome. Receptionist is so polite and helpful. Her paralegal is great!! The office kept me well informed about the details of my case. I highly recommend Robin to anyone seeking legal representation for a family law matter.”

Amanda Tambourine

“Robin and Bianca were wonderful! I had A LOT of questions because I had never been in my situation before and they were so patient and kind in answering ALL of my questions 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend this Law Firm to everyone”

Brandon Stone

“I would like to say that the Law Office of Julie Johnson will be highly recommended by me for any legal counsel. Your staff did an outstanding job handling my case and getting it resolved in a timely manner. Thanks for all of your help.”

Melissa Moore

“Because of Julie Johnson’s expertise and no nonsense attitude, I was able to trust her completely with my case during a very difficult time in my life. She worked hard for me and my family and she genuinely cared. She is tough, extremely skilled in her profession and has the well known name and reputation to support it. I knew immediately she was the attorney for my family. Julie deposed numerous people and I attended those depositions, and observed as she left the other side speechless, bewildered and defeated. It was empowering to say the least. Having her on my case without a doubt increased my settlement, as they did not want to go to trial against her. I will forever be grateful for what she did for my family and will always know I have someone I can depend on when the fight is too much for me alone!”

Deidra Shan Reece

“I have to say that after meeting with you today, your office is very professional and you are knowledgeable about your field. I would definitely recommend you to my friends, family and co-workers. Thanks again.”

James Swain

“I’m writing to thank the Law Office of Julie Johnson for doing an excellent job representing me. From the first day I met with Julie Johnson and her team they presented a professional attitude towards me. I enjoyed working along with them over the past years. They made me feel so comfortable during some difficult times. The Law Office of Julie Johnson, along with Amanda Reichek and the Reichek Firm, really know how the go above and beyond for their clients. I recommend them to anyone in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.”

Cyndi Sparks

“Robin has helped me with a number of issues with my divorce and ex-husband. She really listened to what my concerns were and helped me to reach an agreement with my ex-husband. We later worked out issues with the children as they arose. I truly appreciate the time and attention she gave me. I highly recommend
her services.”