Standing Orders

Many of the counties in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area have Standing Orders.  These are orders that the court automatically enters in every family law case to avoid the necessity of having to go to court to get these protections.  Each county is different, but generally these orders keep the peace during the proceedings.  They provide for things like:

  • not hiding the children from each other
  • not removing the children from their schools and daycare
  • not keeping the children from each parent
  • not locking each other out of the marital residence
  • not selling off assets
  • not damaging each other’s belongings
  • not draining bank accounts
  • not discussing the litigation with the children

Not every county has Standing Orders.  If your county does not have Standing Orders a Temporary Order Hearing may be necessary.  The counties below have Standing Orders.  Click on your county to obtain a copy of the Standing Orders.

Collin County

Dallas Dounty

Denton County

Ellis County

Rockwall County