The Texas Divorce Lawyer Offers Affordable Legal Services for Divorce in Texas

At The Texas Divorce Lawyer, we pride ourselves on providing clients with a high rate of service at an affordable price. We understand that financial situations vary during the divorce process. Therefore, our firm has created several financial payment options to make things easier for you.

If you’re preparing for a divorce, engaged in a child custody battle, or have other family law concerns, contact our law office today to learn more about our legal services and payment plans for the divorce process: 214-265-7630. We offer an initial consultation.

Providing One of the Most Affordable Options for Divorce in Texas

Uncontested divorce is one of the most popular services at The Texas Divorce Lawyer. We have a variety of fee structure options to find a solution that is right for you. We offer flat rate, hourly pay as you go and payment plans. We have a plan that will work for you and your budget.

An uncontested divorce is not appropriate in every situation. In order for this to succeed, you and your estranged spouse must agree on the division of property and debts. When you call to speak with us about our payment plans for the divorce process, ask if uncontested divorce is an option for you.

Looking Out For Your Future

Our firm’s sole focus is getting you back on track. This means providing affordable payment options that suit your needs and resources. We offer many different options for payments, some of which may not be available at other family law firms. For example, we’re able to offer special financing in some cases. This payment option is surprisingly simple and can sometimes represent the most economical option.

Our team cares about your financial future. To us, this means not only helping you fight for a fair property settlement in a divorce, but offering high-quality services at reasonable fees. Learn more about the payment plans for the divorce process that may be available to you by calling 214-265-7630 today.

Offering Affordable Legal Services Without Sacrificing Quality

Our family law attorneys recognize that someone facing a divorce may have to get creative in cutting costs. In some cases, this leads to a do-it-yourself divorce. If you opt for a DIY divorce, you may pay a seemingly low fee to download Texas divorce software or forms that you yourself must complete. While an interesting idea in theory, these services may actually end up costing you more money in the long run.

Without an attorney acting as your advocate, it’s difficult to know if a property settlement is fair, or whether the distribution of debt is accurate. Before opting to go it alone, learn more about the payment plans available to you at The Texas Divorce Lawyer.

Helping You Find an Economical Option for Divorce

Get started today by completing our online contact form. You can also call us at 214-265-7630 to learn more about our affordable payment plans for the divorce process.