Who gets custody of pets in divorce?

When most people think about custody arguments and custody orders in divorce, they’re talking about children. However, to many people, their pets are part of their family, and parting with them during a separation can be emotional. If you have a pet and are going through the divorce, here is what you need to know […]

Dallas Divorce and Debt

When two people get divorced in Texas, the laws are unique regarding how any existing debts in the marriage are divided. A judge must make a determination about division of property and debts that is considered “just and equitable.” However, what is just and equitable for one couple may be very different from what is […]

Dividing a Business in a Divorce in Dallas

Protecting assets in a divorce is understandably a concern for many who are going through the process. During the divorce process in Texas, if the spouses cannot come to an agreement on property division, a judge will award specific portions of the assets to each spouse as he or she sees fit, according to the […]