One of the reasons that many people put off bringing up the topic of divorce is because they don’t think they can handle the financial burden. The cost of divorce in Texas is different for everyone, and if you are considering a divorce, you should know what to expect as you begin the process.

Property Division & Support Payments Costs are Unique to Every Divorce

Your unique marital situation will result in a single set of financial obligations after your divorce is finalized. During the divorce process, you and your ex-spouse will need to negotiate the division of your marital property.

Texas is a community property state, which means your assets will be divided in a “fair and just manner,” not necessarily an even split. This means you will get some, but not all, of what is in your joint accounts, and you may need to sell off other assets like investment property to equitably divide the value.

If you earned substantially more than your spouse, he or she might be entitled to spousal support payments or alimony for a period. These payments will only be allowed if your marriage lasted ten years or more, and your ex-spouse can demonstrate that they are unable to provide for his or her minimum reasonable needs.

Additionally, if you have minor children and are dealing with child custody, you may be required to make child support payments until the following occurs.

  • Child turns 18
  • Child graduates high school
  • Child is emancipated by marriage or court order

Expect These Costs During the Divorce Process

Every couple who wants to divorce in Dallas County must pay the court filing fees for the various legal documents necessary to finalize the divorce.

As of January 1, 2015, the following fees may apply to your divorce or separation.

  • Annulment or Suit to Declare Marriage Void (Including Children): $333
  • Annulment or Suit to Declare Marriage Void (Not Including Children): $282
  • Divorce (Including Children): $333
  • Divorce (Not Including Children): $282
  • Name Change: $267
  • Suit to Enforce Divorce Decree: $267
  • Paternity: $318


These fees are applicable no matter who files the divorce decree, whether you do it yourself or if you have a divorce attorney assist you with filing. While hiring a divorce attorney will increase the initial cost of your divorce, it may save you money overall.

Working With a Dallas Divorce Attorney Could Save You Money

During the divorce negotiations, your ex-spouse may have a divorce attorney of his or her own looking out for his/her best interests. They may try to persuade you to accept a deal for certain assets to get what they want out of property division.

It is especially important to have an attorney on your side if you own your own business or jointly own a business with your spouse. There are many ways to divide a company in a Texas divorce, and you do not want to lose out on the fair share of your business.

At The Texas Divorce Lawyer, it is understand that not everyone can afford to pay for all of the various costs of divorce in Texas all at once. That is why you can enroll in the payment plan which takes several forms of payment to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get the family law help they need during these difficult times.

If you have questions about the cost of divorce in Texas and whether or not you can afford legal help, contact The Texas Divorce Lawyer at 214-265-7630 to discuss your situation.