Thinking of getting a divorce?

It’s not uncommon, seeing as the divorce rate in the United States is nearly half the marriage rates in the country. However, you have to ask if you’re ready for it.

How sure are you about the process? Do you know which forms to fill and what to avoid so you don’t get into legal trouble?

Stop for a minute and seek legal consultation.

While you may be falling out of your Eden, it doesn’t have to be a hard landing out of your marriage. To help you out, we made a guide filled with divorce advice to help you through these rough times.

The Dos of Divorce

Dealing with the idea of separation is never easy and going through what comes after is even harder. With everything that’s going on, you might find yourself confused on what to do next. Follow these important points before you go through this life-changing event to help you in the right direction.

Full Disclosure of All Property

This is perhaps the first thing to do. Make it a point to list down all your properties and assets in your possession. A court of law can and will dismiss the divorce if they see you or the other party wants to deceive the other to gain possession of assets.

One crucial divorce advice is to avoid getting cheated out. You don’t want your ex-spouse to get property that should be yours.

Inform All Affected Parties

Although going through a divorce is something you may want, sometimes the decision isn’t one that affects you alone. If you find yourself grounded with your choice, then you’ll need to inform your loved ones about your plans.

If you have a family during the divorce, it’s best that you inform them as soon as possible. Get the feedback and perspective from the people you care about. Also, doing this can help reassure yourself that you are making the right choice and come to an appropriate conclusion.

Research and Paperwork

Make it a point to do some research before filing a divorce. There are some documents you will need to procure to make sure the process goes by as easy as possible. Some of the things you will need to know include:

  • What forms to get
  • Where to file a divorce
  • Details surrounding child support
  • Details surrounding child custody
  • Alimony and alimony reform
  • Out-of-court settlements

If you don’t know where to start or which forms to fill, don’t hesitate to seek a lawyer and ask for divorce advice. The right consultation can ensure a smooth and painless divorce process.

Know All the Options

Divorce is not always the right answer, even if you’re in a bad relationship. There are other means of separation like legal separation, annulment, and summary dissolution. Any of these might be more appropriate for your situation so make it a habit to seek divorce advice first.

Understanding which of these solutions is right for you can make the process go by fast and without complications.

Remain Visible and Available

Make sure you’re always around in case the lawyer, your spouse, or the court needs you. It’s always possible they’ll want to do another assessment of your properties or interview you to discuss child custody.

This is the reason you shouldn’t travel far while getting a divorce. The process could interfere with your new life so settle the divorce first before going away to start anew.

The Don’ts of Separation

While divorces can turn sour, there are tendencies that parties in the divorce cases do things that they end up regretting later. Consider the following guideline to make sure you aren’t doing something that could affect you negatively later.

Don’t Rush into a Divorce Unless…

A lot of things can happen in the spur of emotions and it can make a huge difference to your decision making. Although no one wants to prolong bad moments in their life, especially one that is as sensitive as a divorce, it’s important to know that the decision is yours to make.

Factors that may cause you to seek a divorce can be negative people, emotions, or events, but make sure your judgment isn’t clouded by this. However, if you find yourself in an abusive relationship or in danger, seek out help immediately.

Don’t Forget to get Counselling

Once you’ve made your decision, you may experience a change in your emotions and you should know that it’s normal to have them. If you find that they are overbearing or if you need someone to talk to about the recent events, take the time out to find a therapist to help you walk through how you feel instead of bottling it up.

Don’t Hide your Possessions

Don’t try to be sly with your belongings by hiding them from the court to get an edge on the separation settlement. While you may think that you’re getting away with it, you’re most likely going to get caught and give a bad impression in court. Before you start hiding your money, it’s best that you think twice.

Also, don’t give away anything until after the divorce. You might have to reclaim stuff you handed out to friends and family if the court demands it. Some of the things you think are yours might go to your spouse after the divorce.

Play it safe and keep things close for a while. Make a list of the things you bought with your money and the things your spouse bought for you. This will help your lawyer and the court determine what you get to keep.

Don’t Hesitate to get a Lawyer

Regardless of how smooth the process may seem, make it a point to get a lawyer.

Most times, when couples get divorced, no matter what they may believe, the other party takes advantage of the situation. Settlement terms become uneven and unfair. To prevent this from happening, a good lawyer can protect your best interests in exactly these situations.

Divorce Advice Relief

Getting a divorce is stressful and the legal side of it can drive anyone over the edge. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through it alone. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t.

As soon as you decide to push forward with a divorce, contact us and we’ll see you through it. With our help, we can see you through a safe, secure, and legal divorce.