Financial Disclosure for Alimony Settlements

Texas requires full financial disclosure if one spouse seeks alimony or spousal payments. The current Texas statutes outlining spousal maintenance, or alimony, went into effect in September of 1995, state that courts will only award alimony if: The marriage lasted 10 years or more and the spouse seeking support can prove that she cannot provide […]

Can I get temporary spousal support in Texas?

When you are seeking a divorce in Texas, and you are the financially dependent spouse in the relationship, it is likely that you will also be seeking spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, and possible Social Security. However, you should be aware that while alimony orders come at the conclusion of a divorce proceeding, in […]

Alimony and Pension Benefits

Property division is one of the most difficult and complicated aspects of divorce. Pension accounts are considered a marital asset and will be subject to equitable distribution. The divvying up of a pension account requires astute attention to legal details because it’s so easy to make costly mistakes. If you are going through or contemplating […]

Learn to Support Yourself after a Divorce in Texas

Many non-working spouses like homemakers find themselves financially devastated after a divorce. Divorce, in fact, is a major financial turning point for women, who, on an average, experience a 7 percent drop in income after divorce. Child support and alimony payments may be temporary. Once those checks stop coming in, you may have to learn […]

Events That Could Cause You to Lose Alimony

When you are awarded alimony payments from your ex-spouse in a Texas divorce case, you’ll need to watch your actions to ensure you don’t lose alimony. There are two types of maintenance in Texas: court ordered and contractual. The court ordered spousal support has a distinct end date, but that end date can be pushed […]