What is the cost of divorce in Texas?

One of the reasons that many people put off bringing up the topic of divorce is because they don’t think they can handle the financial burden. The cost of divorce in Texas is different for everyone, and if you are considering a divorce, you should know what to expect as you begin the process. Property […]

How do I get a restraining order in Dallas during my divorce?

When you file for divorce, you automatically receive a temporary restraining order in Dallas. You have probably heard of a temporary restraining order (TRO).  Whether on a TV show, movie or the news most people assume that Temporary Restraining Orders are used to keep stalkers away from you, or an abusive family member from harassing […]

The Difference between Divorce and Marriage Annulment in Texas

There are several differences between a divorce and an annulment, one of which is that when your marriage is annulled, it means that your marriage never technically or legally existed. Only some marriages, which the court considers “invalid,” can be annulled. For valid marriages, couples will have to seek out a regular divorce. Divorce vs. […]

Ashley Madison Hack: Why She’s “The Most Famous Name in Infidelity & Married Dating”

At the time of the Ashley Madison hack, the company—which makes a fortune by facilitating extramarital affairs—claimed to have over 30 million users worldwide. And last week, the hackers—whose identities have not been discovered—released those users’ names (along with street addresses, the amount of money spent on the site, and phone numbers). Now, many people […]