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When to Divorce an Addict

It does not matter whether the addiction is to alcohol, prescription drugs, or even illegal drugs. An addiction is an addiction and it affects everyone in a relationship with the addict.  Addictions become the number one priority of the addict’s life.  That is the nature of an addiction – it controls everything! How do you […]

Visitation During a Pandemic

How should parents handle visitation during a pandemic?  This is new territory not only for parents, but also for Courts.  The Courts have given us some guidelines. First, the Courts have released Orders which state that parents should treat visitation plans the same as if the children were actually attending school each day and not […]

Business Ownership and Divorce in Texas

Texas is a community property state. When couples file for divorce, both the community property and marital debts must be split. When the term “community property” is used, it is often presumed that this relates to items such as the marital home, vehicles owned by the couple, assets within the marital home, vacation homes, and […]

What Rights Do Fathers Have in Texas?

What Rights Do Fathers Have in Texas?

When there is a divorce or a child custody dispute between parents who were never married to each other, what rights do fathers have in Texas? It’s an important question. Children need to experience a healthy relationship with their father. Sometimes, the other parent is angry about the relationship not working out. Because they’re upset, […]

Texas Common Law Marriage and Divorce

Texas Common Law Marriage and Divorce

If you’ve lived with your partner for quite some time and decide to separate, are you considered common law married in Texas? Must you go through the divorce process? As Texas is considered a community property state, many individual enter into a common law marriage as an alternative to going through the process of applying […]

Contested Divorce, Uncontested Divorce, Collaborative Divorce: An Easy to Understand Primer

Divorce isn’t easy even if it is a necessity. It can be emotional, expensive, stressful, and confusing. Here at The Texas Divorce Lawyer blog, we want to make family law, including divorce, easier to understand. In this post, we’re going to explore the three most commonly used terms: contested divorce, uncontested divorce, and collaborative divorce. […]