Visitation During a Pandemic

How should parents handle visitation during a pandemic?  This is new territory not only for parents, but also for Courts.  The Courts have given us some guidelines. First, the Courts have released Orders which state that parents should treat visitation plans the same as if the children were actually attending school each day and not […]

Common Child Visitation Restrictions Dallas Parents May Face

In Texas, family law labels parents as managing conservators or possessory conservators (or in some cases a parent may not have conservatorship over a child). A managing conservator has access, possession, and decision-making rights about the child. A possessory conservator has only the right to possession. Even if both parents are managing conservators, the child […]

Can I take my child on vacation if I only have visitation rights in Dallas?

Noncustodial parents (either a possessory conservator or a non-primary managing conservator in Texas law lingo) have rights to visitation during certain school breaks and vacations. During these periods of possession, the parent may take the child on a vacation, though the child custody order may contain certain child visitation restrictions. Be sure to review your […]