Child Visitation Rights for Noncustodial Parents in Texas

Both parents have equal rights when it comes to children. Of course, the situation becomes a bit more complicated when the parents don’t live together. In such cases, one parent receives custodial rights (the managing conservator) in regard to the child’s physical placement. But at the same time, a noncustodial parent in Texas (called a […]

What is collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce is when both sides work together to come to an agreement without involving the courts. This increases the possibility of arriving at a resolution that is at least somewhat favorable for both sides. It also saves time and money when compared to litigation. Who is involved in the collaborative divorce process? Attorneys […]

How to Remove a Spouse from a Car Loan

In a divorce, a lot of important and difficult decisions need to be made. One issue that can arise is how to remove a spouse from a car loan and turning over the title after divorce. It’s important to understand how this works and some of the challenges that may be encountered because a divorce […]